Volunteers are vital to the success of the Water Festival. There are many volunteer opportunities available. Please look over the list below and see which volunteer opportunities you would like to sign up for.

Volunteer Opportunities on Friday, May 30th:

  • Welcome Reception Server (6:30PM-10:00PM)

Volunteer Opportunities on Saturday, May 31st:

  • Booth/Festival Set Up – Carry supplies in, set out flyers, posters, information handouts, etc (7AM-10 AM)
  • Clean Up- Break down activities, move road blocks, put tables back into place, sweep floors (2:30PM-4:30PM)
  • Visitor Survey – Ask attendees to fill out surveys, keep completed surveys to deliver back to POORT (11:00AM–2:30PM)
  • Surfing Lessons – 10-12 children sign up for surfing lessons so we will need surf lesson support. Must know how to surf and have your own gear (2PM-4:30PM)
  • Fishing Lessons – Help kids learn to tie knots, bait hooks, cast, and catch fish (2PM-4:30PM)
  • Face Painting – Face paints and markers will be at the booth. You can be creative but there are also face painting design examples from past Water Festival (9AM–12PM)
  • Facilitating water Olympics (12pm-2pm)
  • Face Painting (12-2:30PM)
  • Food/Vendor Cash Box – Help food vendors set up, serve food, clean tables and building of trash, wash dishes (8AM-11:30AM)
  • Food/Vendor Cash Box (11:30AM–2:30PM)
  • Photographer/Videographer – Take photos and videos of Water Festival activities (9AM-12:30PM)
  • Photographer/Videographer (12:30PM-4:30PM)
  • Welcome Booth – Meet and greet guests, have them sign in, provide necessary information to the guests, take money for raffle tickets (8:30AM-11:30AM)
  • Welcome Booth (11:30AM–2:30PM)
  • Community Building Technical Assistance – Provide bathroom & lunch breaks to booths, help with trailer events in front of the community building (9AM-12PM)
  • Community Building Technical Assistance (12PM-2:30PM)
  • Roving Volunteer – Wherever and whenever needed

If you are interested in volunteering please email portorford.mainstreet@gmail.com or call 360-550-8549.