Port Orford Main Street Revitalization Association is the organization applying for this grant.  Our organization is a 501c3 non-profit community based organization recognized by Oregon Main Street Since 2009.  The purpose of the Port Orford Main Street Association is to help revitalize the Port Orford, Oregon, downtown business corridor – along with adjacent areas – by enhancing the functionality and attractiveness of the main street to make it a viable place for both tourists and residents.  Our organization embraces design, organization, promotion, and economics to accomplish its vision.

Our organization sponsors a yearly town clean-up with 40-50 volunteers, restored a large mural, gives “spiffy awards” to businesses that improve their appearance, provided street scape (planters, seating wall) in a key area of Main Street, does street events, e.g. crab pot Christmas tree with lighting event and art walks, and promotes tourism.  Currently, a Resource Assistant for Rural Environments (RARE) from Americorps in association with the University of Oregon is managing our organization and will is the organizer for this year’s Water Festival.

One way the Port Orford Main Street accomplishes their goal of educating the community about the connections between the land and the sea is through coordinating the Annual Port Orford Water Festival. The Port Orford Water Festival is an interactive, environmental education event that emphasizes awareness of human’s everyday impact and connectivity to the watershed and ocean environment. The theme of this festival is ‘connect the drops’ from source to sea, and it is scheduled for May 31st, 2014.  Last year, 21 agencies, organizations, and individuals provided interactive environmental education activities to nearly 750 k-8 graders, older students, parents and community members that attended this event.

The Goals are to

  1. Raise awareness and emphasize the connection between the land and sea
  2. Display current research being conducted by partners, universities, and agencies to protect watersheds and the ocean
  3. Involve and engage the community of Curry County
  4. Help create a healthy and positive “ocean ethic” for our citizens